Jammu gears up with Traffic Cameras: 13 locations to keep roads safe

Jammu gears up with Traffic Cameras: 13 locations to keep roads safe
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The city of Jammu is all set to witness a technological transformation in its traffic management system. With the advent of the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), 13 locations in the city are now equipped with high-definition cameras to detect and deter traffic violations. The announcement was made recentyl by the Traffic Department of Jammu.

The 13 locations include Bikram Chowk, Asia In Gate, Railway Crossing(Div Com Office), Indira Chowk, Shakuntala Chowk, Vigilance Rotary, Amphalla Chowk, Highcourt Janipur, Jewel Chowk, Valmiki Chowk, Gujjar Nagar Chowk, RBI Turning, and Main Stop Gandhinagar. The cameras installed at these locations are capable of detecting violations like over-speeding, jumping red lights, and not wearing seat belts, among others.

The ITMS system is designed to operate round the clock, which means that the violators can be caught at any time of the day. In addition to cameras, the system is also equipped with sensors that can detect the number of vehicles on the road, the speed at which they are moving, and the number of lanes in use. This data can then be used to manage the traffic flow and to detect and prevent congestion.

The Traffic Department of Jammu has also warned the citizens that the e-challans generated by the ITMS system will not be negotiable. The violations recorded by the cameras are supported by strong evidence and cannot be disputed. The violators will be fined according to the severity of their offense.

The implementation of the ITMS system is a welcome move as it will ensure better compliance with traffic rules and will make the roads safer for everyone. The citizens are advised to follow all traffic rules and to be cautious while driving, especially in the 13 locations where the cameras have been installed. The ITMS system is a step towards making Jammu a more technology-driven and smarter city.