Where is Umran Malik - will he make a comeback?

Umran Malik, a promising fast bowler, initially impressed in IPL and ODIs, boasting remarkable speed. However, inconsistencies and control issues led to his disappearance from the national team. Aged 24, with potential, Malik's future hinges on refining skills and adding accuracy to his pace. The road ahead demands dedication, technical improvements, and strategic growth for Malik to evolve from a speedster to a calculated bowler, potentially leaving a lasting impact on Indian cricket.

Where is Umran Malik - will he make a comeback?

Every cricket lover gets excited when a cricketer, whether a batter or bowler, earns a spot in the Indian cricket squad. It is a matter of pride not only for the player's parents and family but also for the entire region. Despite J&K producing talented players, few have secured a permanent place in the Indian team. Pervez Rasool from Kashmir played some matches, but later, he seemed to disappear. Now, we have Umaran Malik, but what has happened to him? Umran Malik, the guy who bowled really fast in the Indian Premier League (IPL). People thought he'd be India's top fast bowler, but lately, he hasn't been playing. His performance in the last year's IPL, where he bowled at an impressive 157.4 kmph, left a lasting impression on cricket enthusiasts worldwide. At just 24 years old, Umaran has already played 10 ODIs for India, securing 13 wickets with an impressive economy of 6.54 So, what happened, and can he still do well in cricket?

At first, Malik made a big impression. In his first IPL season, he bowled the fastest ball of the tournament, and he did well in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and T20s too. He took wickets and showed he could be a game-changer. His pace led people to start comparing him with Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistani fast bowler.

But, just being really fast isn't enough. Malik had trouble controlling where he bowled. He often sent the ball in the wrong direction, giving away easy runs. Experienced batters knew how to handle his speed and took advantage of his mistakes.

Does this mean Malik's career is over? Not necessarily. He's young, and he's got natural talent. But he needs to get better. He has to learn to bowl with more accuracy, not just speed. It's like upgrading from a fast bowler to one who knows exactly where to put the ball. Adding different types of deliveries, like slower balls and yorkers, will make him trickier for batsmen to face.

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has raised concerns about the abrupt disappearance of pace sensation Umran Malik from the national squad. Chopra questions the sequence of events within three months, where Umran was initially selected for the Indian team, received minimal chances, and then went completely missing. He emphasizes the need for transparency, urging to understand the reasons behind Umran's absence and to know his current status and future prospects.

Despite his promising performances, Umaran Malik's last T20 international appearance was on February 1, 2023, against New Zealand, and his final ODI appearance was on July 29, 2023, playing against the West Indies. This hiatus raises questions about the reasons behind his absence from the national team. If Umaran refines his line and length, he could potentially become one of the world's most formidable fast bowlers.

One notable aspect is the lack of a consistent fast bowler in the current Indian team who can consistently touch the 150 kmph mark. This void in India's fast-bowling arsenal presents a golden opportunity for Umaran Malik to be included in the national squad. His exceptional pace and skill set could add a new dimension to the team's bowling attack, providing a much-needed edge in international competitions.

The road ahead is tough. Malik needs to practice a lot, fix technical issues, and become smarter in his approach. He should shift from just relying on speed to being a bowler with a plan.

It won't be easy, but if Malik commits to this challenge, improves his skills, and uses his talent wisely, he could still become a great fast bowler. For Indian cricket, it would mean seeing a top-notch bowler rise. And for fans, it's the next chapter in Umran Malik's exciting journey—a young bowler with the potential to make a big mark in cricket






In the 2022 Indian T20 League, Umran Malik, known as the "Jammu Express," showcased his blistering pace with a fastest delivery at 157 km/hr against Delhi. Despite his impressive feat, New Zealand's Lockie Ferguson surpassed him, reaching 157.3 km/hr in the final against Rajasthan. Notably, Umran consistently earned the fastest delivery of the match award in all 14 games played by Hyderabad during the 2022 season, establishing himself as a formidable force in the fast-bowling department..