Teacher's Day

Sheikh Mudasir Muneer || Shopian

Sheikh Mudasir Muneer

Shadab Karewa, Shopian Kashmir

شیخ   مکتب  ہے  اک عمارت گر

جس کی صنعت ہے روح انسانی

The profession of teacher is interpreted as the profession of prophets and saints. The teacher is respected not only by his students but every sector in the society. The great teacher considers the religious and modern education and training of all the children of the society as his duty and responsibility without any discrimination. The teacher prepares himself well to teach the students. He takes extra trouble to keep himself well informed about the latest updates in his subject. He shares his knowledge with others. An ideal teacher always follows what he teaches. His own conduct is a shining example to others .He is like an open book .He is a source of inspiration for his students .He guides his students on the right path. He is aware of his duties and responsibilities. He prepares his students for the more difficult part of future life.

A proud ideal teacher is not arrogant .He believes in a simple living and high thinking .He does not run after money but wants to spread knowledge in society .He maintains a high standard of education .He maintains the minds of his students. He advises children and does not give up doing anything for their welfare. He is an asset to his country. An ideal teacher knows the art of transforming his students into ideal citizens, but such ideal teachers are rare.

 The teacher plays an important role in building a society. After the parents, it is the result of the teacher's training that a person becomes capable of playing his part in the formation of society. No matter how much a person progresses, he should never forget that the first step to his success is laid by the teacher. In fact, successful people are those who do not forget their teachers for the rest of their lives and consider it their first duty to honor and respect them.

 Hazrat Imam Azam Imam Abu Hanifa (may Allah have mercy on him) used to be so polite to his teacher that he never slept with his feet towards the teacher's house. The teacher is a role model for the child. There must be a purpose in a teacher's life.If the teacher has no purpose in life, he cannot give the students any purpose. If a teacher's own life is meaningless and pointless, when will he be able to reach a new level for his students? If you are not a teacher and accidentally came into teaching, try to make it a hobby. If something becomes a hobby for you, which will automatically become interested in it and will be easier to get the job done. Today, in this modern age, there are teachers who do good deeds, close the doors of evil, encourage children, give alms, go ahead and hold hands, help as much as they can. They understand the consciousness and feelings of others, read someone's pain, find a way to cure, remove when there is an obstacle, try to create ease when there is difficulty, spread a smile, to humanity. Understand, promote humanity, are saddened by someone's misery and take care of themselves, start every good deed, invent new ways of teaching. They support us in times of trouble, we eat together, we share sorrow, and we understand pain of eachother.

Will the government and the top officials of the education department tell the nation that if the teacher is the benefactor of the nation, then what steps have been taken to honor and respect this benefactor, if the teacher is the savior of the nation? What they have done for savior, the teacher is the father of the nation, do the rules made for your teacher meet the standards of honor of the father, the teacher is the face of the nation.

 * *Maybe this thing of mine will go down in your heart* *

 On the occasion of Teachers' Day, I am very grateful to all my teachers who taught me to read and write, especially my father Sheikh Muneer Hussain, the veteran teacher who taught me to hold a pen and this pen is my strength today.