Arunjeet : A Singh for humanity


Arunjeet : A Singh for humanity

Humanity First! With the passion to serve the humanity first, a young guy wearing a Pagri and carrying a Kirpan, decided to step out of his house when the entire world was locked up in their houses. Arunjeet Singh, resident of Bongam, Shopian who belongs to sikh community broke all the barriers to reach out the people in need. He recieved his basic education from Govt Primary School shopian and Passed 12th from Govt boys hr secondary Shopian. District Shopian which comprises of 99.5% Muslims and only 7 Sikh families are living in town Shopian. 

During pandemic, when most of us prefered to remain inside the house (as it was mandatory), he decided to step out and find the persons whose earning had stopped during the lockdown. He collected food kits and distributed it among the labours from outside Kashmir who were stuck there during the lockdown. He not only collected food items, but also masks, santitizers, clothes and other daily use items and distributed them in farflung areas. His efforts made hi reachout to the grassrt level where he gave away masks to students attending the community classes.

His efforts can't be measured only by the items he distribute but the passion he had to serve the people irrespective of the reliogon. He, being a Sikh and minority community in the area, didn't stop serving the majority muslim areas. This is the real face of humanity, which can never fade away till the people like Arunjeet are alive in the society and he proved this not by uttering the mere words but by his actions.

His journey to social service started when he was in fifth standard in the school. One day his father gave him Rs.5, he happily went on the shop to buy chips, suddenly his eyes struck at begger in shabby and torn clothes. A thought came in his mind that he needs this money more than him(Arunjeet). He gave away the money to the begger and went  home with a satisfaction in heart and mind. This incident infused a spirit of social service in him and he made up the mind to devout his life for the humanity. 

"Singh is King", he makes this term meaningful and real. His efforts are really appreciable and need recognition. He could be an inspiration for several young people of the next generation. It's hopeful, that he won't let down this spirit. Everybody, particularly the people of Shopian salutes to his young guy.