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وہ آنکھ ہے سرمہ افرنگ سے روشن

پرکار وسخن ساز ہے  ! نمناک نہیں ہے

Man has progressed through science and technology in each and every face of life. No area of our life is without its salutary touch. It has changed every field of life as we can't think of our life without it. One of its revolutionary invention is social media i.e. facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram mainly used by the people as a source of recreation. The whole globe appears to be our home now. Today, in and around us, we see the people have become addicted to it. It has too many merits as well as demerits. Its use in daily life pose a constant threat to human life and civilization. If it is kept under control, it is a blessing not a curse and if it is properly used, it is a boon and not a bane. It has gripped the whole world to its clutches. Anything happening in any part of the world reaches every corner of the world within no time and it is the aspect of the social media. Now-a-days, one can't think living without it. But it has dark side as well. Somewhere people don't use it in a proper way and its benefits are changed into loss of life. It has been observed that when accidents take place in any part of the country, people instead of saving the life of victims, try to capture the videos and photographs and the injured persons instead of being taken to hospital, is left at the mercy of God. Mostly, persons succumb to injuries, due to huge loss of blood those could be saved if brought to hospitals in time. It is the religious duty of the persons present at the site to think about saving the life of victim. Filming of the videos for the accidents and posting it on the social media has become fashion these days. It is one of the ways to grab attention on social media but ethically they have degraded to the level of creature without heart and sentiments. Adding to the list of demerits of the social media, we observe that people don’t hesitate to infringe into the personal lives of the people. If two parties are found quarrelling in a deadly manner, instead of putting it to end, spectators took out the mobiles and start filming the fight scene. It adds fuel to the fire and sometime a small fight turns into deadly one. Let’s take a pledge to save the lives of the victims or person who need your help. It’s our ethical duty to serve the society in all the possible ways. Filming of the videos of the accidents, don’t help the person whose blood loss becomes a cause of death.


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