A profession or any labour is that activity which enables a man to earn his livelihood. It can further be labeled as an activity which imparts regularity, punctuality and discipline to one’s life and has been a symbol of honour in a society since its inception. Magnitude of labour done by the inhabitants of any country is the epitome of any country’s development. Written records and different surveys have shown that only those countries have acquired the crown of highly developed countries where major portion of its population is busy in different professionals and labour and side by side where every labour is considered equally important and prestigious from a peon to a Deputy Commissioner, from a head constable to a Superintendent of Police, from a farmer to a scientist, from a primary school teacher to an assistant professor, from a mason to an architecture, from a cook to head of a school, from a house wife to a working lady, from a labourer to Chief Minister, from a vendor to a business tycoon, from a sweeper to Municipal Commissioner, from a journalists to a law maker, from a ward boy to a doctor and from a refuse collector to a manager of multiplex.

But, the situation is quite inverse in India. Here whole society is divided between high professionals and low professionals. Our society has set her own base less norms to label some professions superior and all other inferior. In our Indian society only doctor, engineers, IAS and KAS are considered as honorable and rest all other Govt. and private labourers are seen with low eyes. A child is taught right from his childhood, when he is even unable to understand the meaning of any profession, only become doctor or engineer or any high officer. Every Indian parent is desirous to see their wards on high chairs, here arises a very important question, if everyone will become doctor, engineer, IAS or KAS, which every one of us knows is totally impossible, then tell me who will work as shopkeeper? Who will construct our buildings, who will set our water or electricity supply, who will teach our small toddlers, who will spin our clothes, who will stitch our clothes, who will grow crops for us, who will bring vegetables and fruit in early hours of chilling cold for us in our markets, who will clean our foul smelling and life hazardous city refuse from our locality, who will collect plastic bottles and paper refuse for recycling, who will clean the blood socked cotton and dressing from the wards of hospital, who will assist a doc. during a high risk surgery, who will clean the toilet of a hospital without which treatment of any doctor would fail, who will set our electrical appliances right, and over all who will protect us from enemies on boarders?

Friends, any society is like a vehicle. If, a small engine stops functioning, the vehicle will stop moving. Similarly if a single labourer or any professional stops working, the society can never move towards development and prosperity.

For example if a patient is in dying need of some fruits, tell me who can bring him fruits? Yes a vendor whom we consider nothing, not any high official for whom we have all honour and respect. Similarly it is only a sweeper who removes the most dangerous and disease causing garbage from our surroundings then why we never honour him and pay him the best as we honour a DC or Chief Minister, farmers, tailors vendors daily labourers, watchmen painters weavers and factory workers etc must also be equally paid and must enjoy security of their jobs.

More over this bifurcation and division of society on the basic of works has following disastrous effects.

  1. Glorification of few professions has totally reduced interest of our youths towards other labours like farm industry and other production industries which can only help our country to acquire the status of developed country.
  2. Rise in corruption
  3. High difference in pay scales increase the greed of money in the heart of low paid employees this lures them towards corruption.
  4. Effects working. All those who fail to become doctors or high officials become a victim of underestimation for their whole life. Thus don’t give their best to their by chance or by compulsion acquired profession.
  5. Social stigma of being on a low post develop a sense of jealous and hatred among them. These grudges make them thieves of their duties.
  6. Frustration

Pressure from parental side to reach at high chair at one hand and scarcity of posts on other side pushes our youth towards frustration and ends in drug addiction.

Friends, treatment of every profession on equal footings and honoring of every labour will make everybody feel their importance and this will encourage them to give their best to their professions or labour. It will also increase the interest of our youth in large number of fields of works. After that nothing can stop our country to make her place amid developed countries of world, otherwise corruption, greed of money and skip from duty will further make our country to retain her 60th No. amid 79 developing countries of world.

At last, I want to emphasis that nominal difference of few hundreds, depending upon the magnitude of duty hours, in pay scales of every government and private employee and awareness about dignity of every labour will set our country on path of development prosperity and affluence.